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Learn Numeracy at Poowong Consolidated School


Mathematics is an essential area of learning in our curriculum. It is vitally important that our students develop mathematical skills to function effectively in society. Becoming confident and competent with mathematics will enable our students at Poowong Consolidated School to be able to reason, solve problems, demonstrate understandings, and see the relevance of mathematics in everyday life.

The mathematics program at PCS allows all students to have genuine access to high quality learning in mathematics. The program will build on students’ interests and experiences, allowing students to make meaningful connections to real life situations and enable them to see a purpose for all concepts and skills being taught. Students will be encouraged to analyse, compare, explain, reason, justify, estimate, and synthesise mathematical problems, which will assist them in developing the ability to choose the most effective approach to solving problems.

Through learning mathematics at Poowong Consolidated School, students will:

We deliver a sequential, inter-connected mathematics program based on the outcomes from the Victorian Curriculum. Mathematics as a subject is organised into three content strands, along with four embedded proficiency strands.

These strands describe the concepts being taught and learnt and provide the basis for our mathematics curriculum.

The proficiencies describe how the concepts are explored and skills are developed – the thinking and the doing

Poowong Consolidated School students set learning goals in collaboration with their teachers to achieve learning targets based on what they already know, and what they understand they need to achieve. We believe that students are motivated to learn when they know their own abilities and understand the next steps to success.