About Us

Poowong Consolidated School

Poowong Consolidated School is a primary school (Prep-6) located in the township of Poowong in the heart of South Gippsland. Poowong is surrounded by dairy farms, located at the edge of the Poowong township, however our school make-up is more far-reaching than this.

Our school community draws on children from neighbouring townships as well as families who choose to travel to bring their children to the school from as far as Korumburra, Drouin and beyond. Poowong Consolidated School proudly serves our local community. We cater for children from Prep to Grade 6 in straight grades.

Why Choose Us?

We give all children a great start, engaging them in learning, create safe and inclusive learning spaces and offer a variety of learning opportunities to engage students and find their passions. 

Our instructional model encompasses opportunities for individualised learning, small group intensive support or extension and opportunities for feedback, high-level thinking and questioning. 

Our priority is developing the whole child- academics, social, emotional and development.  We want every student to grow and thrive from their own, individual, starting points.  Each child is extended and challenged appropriate to their needs. 

We have a strong commitment to Restorative Practices, Peer Mentor Support and positive partnerships through our Respectful Relationships and School Wide Positive Behaviours programs. 

We believe in proactive, positive partnerships between home and school and believe that this is essential to student success and learning growth.

Growth Focus and Values

Poowong Consolidated School, in partnership with the community, aims to help children learn and grow in a positive, supportive and challenging environment. 

Our school motto is,

At PCS I grow... so We can!

We believe that when everyone grows and strives for their full potential, this helps EVERYONE grow and learn together.


Growth Mindset



Welcoming and Inclusive

Underpinning the growth of students and staff are our school values:  Integrity, growth mindset, relationships, openness and being welcoming and inclusive.  In our school environment this looks like:

Challenging Learning

We pride ourselves on our connection to the community and the experiences we offer. Specialist classes include music and performing arts, visual arts, science, woodwork, physical and health education, Auslan, sustainability, a school-wide electives program and a variety of sporting programs.

Our students are encouraged to challenge themselves both academically and personally in all aspects of school life.

At Poowong Consolidated School, we seek to enable all learners through the provision of:-

At Poowong Consolidated School we deliver our Literacy and Numeracy programs based on the principles of the Workshop and Gradual Release of Responsibilities Models. This includes the targeted explicit instruction of Guided Reading and Guided Mathematics. We utilise a combined approach of VCOP, 7 Steps to Writing Success and 6+1 Traits of Writing and a 5 week focus on writing genres as an entire school in our writing sessions.

PCS Instructional Module